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Now is the time to End Complicity with Israel!

The Coalició Prou Complicitat amb Israel (End Complicity with Israel Coalition) supports the right of all people to self-determination. This is also a right of the Palestinian people.

We are concerned that some people in Catalonia see our situation reflected in Israel, as a model of a people who have achieved their own independence. We remind them, however, that on 15 May 1948 the State of Israel carried out the Nakba (“disaster” in Arabic), consisting of the destruction of more than 400 Palestinian villages and the expulsion of over 750,000 Palestinians from their homes. The State of Israel was created by exterminating the Palestinian population, a process of extermination that has continued to this day, making the people of Palestine the largest group of displaced people and refugees in the world.

Self-determination of the State of Israel has been exercised on the basis of brute force and colonial settlements, violating the rights of the indigenous population, through acts of racism, apartheid and military occupation. Under no circumstance should the State of Israel ever be considered a model to follow for the creation of a new State.

It is not a good strategy to establish relationships with this State which flagrantly violates the human rights of Palestinians. We should contribute to the isolation of Israel, seeking to put an end to apartheid, as was previously achieved by the boycott of apartheid South Africa.

We demand that all collaboration with Israel be withdrawn, following the lead already taken by numerous town councils all over Catalonia.

We defend a world that respects human rights, a world free of racism and free of complicity with racist states.

For all these reasons, now is the time to End Complicity with Israel!